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Ultra Biceps! :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 15 3
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A muscular interlude with Ultra Girl :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 15 15
Ultra Girl - It's me! :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 53 12
Diary of an Ultra Girl , Wednesday
It took forever to get to sleep. The night before there was no problem, I hit the couch and then in about ten minutes I was out like a light but I guess something is happening with my body and now all the energy inside me just won't switch off. It's like I've suddenly drunk an entire crate worth of energy drinks and no matter what I do I just can't seem to rest.
It was around seven in the morning that I got the phone call. At first I thought about just ignoring it, it wasn't a number I recognised, and the number of people that did have my phone number could be counted on one hand. Still, something told me I should answer it.
"You are probably wondering what's happening to you." The voice on the other line said. It was gruff, the kind of voice you only get from smoking packet after packet every day.
"Uh, who is this?" I asked I was clutching the phone so tightly I thought I was about to crush it.
"Kingsway Park. One hour." He hung up.
I felt like I was in some spy novel. Like I'd steppe
:icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 5 2
Ultra Girl - Bio
Ultra Girl Bio
Name: Ultra Girl
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Height: 5ft 4
Weight: 980 lbs of muscle
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Eye Color: Striking blue.
Power origins:
Let’s get meta for a second. You may think Ultra Girl’s power has come from the strange alien canister that landed in her back yard but it’s always been there, the canister was just a way of unlocking it.
A story will be coming later explaining her TRUE origin.
Absolute strength: Ultra Girl possess a limitless level of strength and can achieve any strength feat she puts her mind to. The only thing holding her back is her confidence in herself and abilities.
Absolute Invulnerability: Ultra Girl is impervious to any damage. Nothing can hurt her, penetrate her skin or break her bones. She’s also immune to sickness, diseases and anything that would do her body harm.
Supernatural Senses: All of Ultra Girl’s senses are supernaturally acute. She also h
:icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 13 12
Diary of an Ultra Girl, Tuesday
Fell asleep on the couch again. I did some research late into the early hours in the morning, watching superhero movies so I could act a little more super and a little less like last night. I doubt at my size my bed can even handle my weight. The couch is already groaning and creaking like it’s going to give at any moment and I reckon my poor little bed would just snap right through. I’m going to need bigger and sturdier furniture but that’s going to come later.
Rang into work and told them I wasn’t going to make it in today. I  Still don’t know what I’m going to tell them in the long run but that cute guy Jack answered and I got all flustered again. Jack’s got such a cute butt and that dorky Peter Parker look that just makes me want to eat him all up…I wonder what he’d think of my new body? I couldn’t really tell him what happened, could I? Then again at this size, it’s not like I’m going to able to h
:icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 15 4
Diary of an Ultra Girl, Monday Night
Hey there, It’s me again. I must have crashed out on the couch after typing everything up sometime around mid-afternoon because when I woke up it was dark. For a moment, I thought everything might have been some crazy burrito induced dream but as my gaze fell and my chin pushed against my pecs, I knew it was all real. It took me a while to get off the couch. I kind of basked in my bigness for a few moments and watched my massive chest rise and fall with each breath.
Whoever made this couch certainly did their job. Somehow it was still holding my weight though I pretty much took over the entire thing and still couldn’t fit all my body on there. I took out my phone, checked the comments and sent replies back, thanking people here and there. Seemed like I had a lot of views on my first day and that felt pretty great. After that, I put the phone down and sat back on the couch again. What the hell am I going to do now? I flexed my bicep as I thought, watching it swe
:icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 16 0
My logo :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 3 0
Diary of an Ultra Girl
This morning, just after ten, my life changed forever.
I was just in the middle of what I can only describe was some kind of peanut butter burrito, yeah, I’m gross, when I heard it. I only just heard it and if the sound was any louder on my television this morning probably would have been a lot different. I’d probably still be sitting at the foot of my bed, swearing at the guy on the screen because he fell that fucking hole again. However, that was not the case and I did hear the noise, a loud THUD outside in the small square patch that was supposed to be a garden but “barely had enough room to swing a cat in” as my Dad always used to tell me. Swing a cat? Why the hell would you swing a cat!
When I got to the garden I was greeted by this smell that I can only describe as a pungent comic book store. You know the kind of smell. Several greasy fat guys all in one badly air conditioned room and none of them has had a shower in the past century. I know
:icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 28 15


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Valentina commission for Ninj4st4r :iconslugfestylus:Slugfestylus 179 31
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SSW selfie :iconslugfestylus:Slugfestylus 34 10
Valentina2 :iconslugfestylus:Slugfestylus 50 15



Ultra Biceps!
Another picture of me this time flaunting those Ultra Guns! Really love how :iconthecottoncandyqueen: brought me to life. Love that pose too and the costume! Just wonderful! Thanks!
Yay new art commissions :D More Ultra Girl to come!
And now it's up! More of the main story to come later in the week.

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A muscular interlude with Ultra Girl

"Hi, there!" My hulking image cheerfully called out to the camera phone. I was standing right in the center of my living room, dressed in a golden bikini I'd fashioned out of the leftover fabric from my costume. To call it a bikini though is a bit of an overstatement, it was more like strips of fabric that barely covered my nipples, the gleaming bikini bottoms all but lost in the meat of my massive thighs.

I looked enormous. Every time I took in that body, it seemed like I'd sneaked on an extra few inches. My traps were starting to loom above my head, and I swear I must be being visited by the pec fairy at night because they just keep getting bigger, swelling out from my sternum like two meaty monster-sized yoga balls. I might not be the tallest girl in the world, but holy fuck am I broad. From end to end I'm almost as wide as I am tall and those shoulders are so ridiculously overbuilt it's like several muscle explosions had gone off underneath my stretched out, taut young skin.

For a moment I just stood there getting a feel for my size. Since I'd grown, I'd never actually taken a moment to clear my head and let it all sink in, the way I could feel every muscle bulge and tighten, how my pecs inflated with every breath, like someone was pumping them up with a bicycle pump. Muscle ground against muscle and even simple action of open and closing my fist caused my forearm to swell so tightly I felt almost ready to burst with she-muscle. There's no feeling like it, being so large. It's almost overwhelming, at this extreme size my muscles have almost taken on a life of their of their own, those mammoth thighs wrestling each other for room and with every step, my calves flex, threatening to shred any clothing foolish enough to try to contain these beasts.

I tried to remember the skinny little waif of a girl I used to be, but all memory of her had been barged aside by unyielding, swollen to the fucking max girl-beef. In the video my chest was heaving, both gargantuan muscle-tits slamming together like two humungous pit bulls fighting over a steak. The sight was oddly erotic, and as I watched my image on the phone screen I started to get more excited, my breath getting heavier causing those hulked up behemoths to push against each other with unrelenting force. In the tiny gold bikini, the image was obscene. Muscle slamming into muscle while a minuscule strip of stretchy gold fabric held on for dear life. What made it worse was as I got more excited my nipples were getting hard, standing out like bullets to punctuate the vast meat over my overbulked chest. It was almost too much for that strong, stretchy material.


I was starting to get extremely wet between those tree trunk thighs, and it was taking all my inner strength to stop myself from groping those pecs and driving my fingers between my sopping wet, muscular lips. I hadn't even started flexing yet, this was just the starter, and as my Mom always used to tell me, you shouldn't fill up on the starter before your main course. I took a deep breath to try and calm myself, and that was it for the bikini top. It snapped and twanged, shooting off across the room in a golden blur. My chest was bare now, those monsters unleashed in all their rippling glory but I took another deep breath and tried to force my attention elsewhere.

Those arms were my first port of call. They weren't as ridiculously over-built as my chest, but even so, they'd grown to such a size, they couldn't possibly sit at my sides. I lifted my right arm and admired it, taking in the muscle heaped on top of muscle, layer after layer of girl-beef slapped on top of each other to create the freakishly muscle-blown limb. Relaxed the bicep was as big as a basketball, but as I started to curl my arm, I could already see the metamorphosis that was taking place, the real monstrous size that was lurking within that bicep meat.


I was getting wetter by the second. I bit my lip and tried to stifle a moan, but as I watched that mountain of she-beef explode from a basketball into a beach ball sized mound of herculean muscle, I soaked right through my tiny golden panties. I'd never imagined it would have grown so big and I was barely even flexing. I straightened my arm, shook out the gigantic limb and clenched my fist ready for the real show. BOOM! I witnessed what could only be described as an explosion of muscle. It was like a muscle volcano had erupted underneath my skin, my arm doubling in size and my bicep surging so fucking huge I almost couldn't curl my arm at all. There just wasn't enough room for that bicep meat, and my curled forearm and neither one were going to back down. My veins were thick as sausages, and for a moment I thought they were going to tear straight off my arm, those monstrously engorged pythons squirming under my skin, thrashing about like angry snakes.

"So fucking huge." I moaned and ran my tongue over what I could reach. The vein riddled peak had surged past my clenched fist, and even with what little craning of my head I could do, I couldn't even reach the top. The image on the video looked cartoonish like someone had altered it with photoshop and yet I was staring right at it, feeling it crushing against my forearm and I knew the only thing stopping it from swelling any bigger was my oak tree of a forearm. Sparks shot up my back, and I felt my entire body tense. I tried to stifle another moan but it was too much, all that muscle had driven me helpless, and my fingers were moving of their own accord to my muscular girlhood. Was I really muscle all over? The thought hadn't really crossed my mind until then, and as I felt those bulging, flexing lips, I cried out. Biting my lower lip, I pulled my fingers from my buffed up snatch and thudded towards the camera, panting and huffing in crazed muscle lust.
A muscular interlude with Ultra Girl
So this got a little more naughty than I first thought! Sorry guys! I'll try and behave myself next time but my muscles kinda drive me wild!
Oh and I commissioned a new picture. You're welcome :D 
Yes this should of been last Friday but I was super busy! Life of a Super Hero is kinda tough! Anyway the story is coming along piece by piece. I was hoping to have it done last sunday but there was some ...issues. Not gonna go into details but eh, you know how families are. On to good things though! Time for the Q&A!

First load of questions are from Random1208

1) Did your transformation increase your libido?  What about the strength of the pleasure you receive from sexual stimulation?  If so, by how much?

Oh boy that's a question. I uh, don't really know how to answer that one. I guess I'm a little hornier? Wow...haha...

2) Can you shrink your muscles to restore your full range of motion?  Preferably without diminishing your powers?

Nope not really but I still manage to keep full range or close to it.

3) Do you prefer to have sex with one guy (e.g. Jack) or build a harem of highly desirable men and cycle through them as you wear them out?

I'm an old fashioned... not really looking for a harem just that sweet guy or girl to sweep up in my massive arms!

4) Did you ever dream or fantasize about having superhuman strength?

Not like this no! Still shocks me how strong I am.

5) Do you still need food and water?  You have trouble sleeping, but what happens if you just don't try to sleep?

I get really hungry and I think that's probably due to a super charged metabolism or something. Sleeping though, it seems that I don't really need to sleep at all. My body never fatigues.

6) What are you going to do about the comic book shop?  If you show up for work, the store will be too inundated with horny men to do business.

Oh god I don't know what I'm going to do. At the moment they think I'm sick but the time is going to come when I can't take any more sick days. I guess I'll just have to quit and be Ultra Girl full time!

8) How much of your day will be dedicated to saving the day?  I'm eager to see you give and receive orgasms. :) (Smile)

Well I'm a superhero so most of my day is dedicated to saving the day.

9) If there were a way for you to become omnipotent, would you pursue it?  What would you do if you were all-powerful?

I'm not sure, the way I see it that could be a curse as much as a blessing.

Thanks for the questions hun!

Okay next question comes from iceman75 

As a big fan of super strength, I'd love to ask you what the heaviest thing you've ever lifted was?

Oh man, okay so the heaviest thing so far I've lifted is a Boeing Airliner and that was pretty easy for me. I guess I'll just keep testing my strength and see how far that rabbit hole goes!

Thanks for the question! Big fan of your stories and glad to have you as a fan!

Last one comes from Gamble24

What is it like being a goddess amoung us mere mortals?  You are very physically  powerful. Was your intelligence affected as well? Super genius?  Have a great day Ultra Girl!!!

Awww thank you for the sweet comments! Well it's kind of weird really. It's a strange feeling like you are in the world but not really part of it. As for becoming a Super Genius? Nope that didn't happen. I'm still just me, only with a vastly improved body I guess.

Thanks to everyone for the questions!

Tomorrow will be a new Q&A and the subject is comic books! Ask me all kinds of questions about comic books. Who my favourite heroes are. If I'm a DC or Marvel fan. Who I'd get to play me in the inevitable comic book movie. Which comic heroes I'd like to team up with...anything to do with comics!

Thanks Ultra Fans! More stories ARE coming I just need to get my overly muscular butt into gear! Oh and feel free to chat to me any time. You just might get some Ultra Hugs ;)


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Ultra Girl
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Real life super muscular, superheroine! Read about my journey here right on this page and you can also chat to me and stuff! Groovy right? :D


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