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FRIDAY - THE DAWN OF ULTRA GIRL :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 13 3
Ultra Girl - Ultra strength by Theultragirl Ultra Girl - Ultra strength :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 161 20 Ultra Girl - He made a bad choice by Theultragirl Ultra Girl - He made a bad choice :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 112 8
It was ten in the morning when I felt something ignite in me. I'd felt something like it before when I'd save that guy from the mugger or when the sniper targeted me, but this time it was a lot stronger. It was almost overwhelming, a discomfort that ran through my entire body and bordered almost on pain. What triggered it? I didn't know, but what I did know was that somewhere in the city something big was about to happen.
As I got to the door leading out to my tiny little garden, I felt it again. This time it almost stopped me in my tracks, a screech of metal and something that sounded an awful lot like screaming. There was also something else, a dull thrum that caused my heart to thud inside my chest and the hairs to stand up on the back of my neck.
I took to the sky in a blur and used my incredible hearing to pinpoint the exact location. A train, hurtling far too fast down a track. It was booked out, filled to the brim with passengers and at any moment it would derail. As I got close
:icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 19 4
Pecs of steel by Theultragirl Pecs of steel :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 43 3 Ultra Pecs! by Theultragirl Ultra Pecs! :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 56 12 Ultra Biceps! by Theultragirl Ultra Biceps! :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 52 4
Mature content
A muscular interlude with Ultra Girl :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 40 23
Ultra Girl - It's me! by Theultragirl Ultra Girl - It's me! :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 104 13
Diary of an Ultra Girl , Wednesday
It took forever to get to sleep. The night before there was no problem, I hit the couch and then in about ten minutes I was out like a light but I guess something is happening with my body and now all the energy inside me just won't switch off. It's like I've suddenly drunk an entire crate worth of energy drinks and no matter what I do I just can't seem to rest.
It was around seven in the morning that I got the phone call. At first I thought about just ignoring it, it wasn't a number I recognised, and the number of people that did have my phone number could be counted on one hand. Still, something told me I should answer it.
"You are probably wondering what's happening to you." The voice on the other line said. It was gruff, the kind of voice you only get from smoking packet after packet every day.
"Uh, who is this?" I asked I was clutching the phone so tightly I thought I was about to crush it.
"Kingsway Park. One hour." He hung up.
I felt like I was in some spy novel. Like I'd steppe
:icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 13 3
Ultra Girl - Bio
Ultra Girl Bio
Name: Ultra Girl
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Height: 5ft 4
Weight: 980 lbs of muscle
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Eye Color: Striking blue.
Power origins:
Let’s get meta for a second. You may think Ultra Girl’s power has come from the strange alien canister that landed in her back yard but it’s always been there, the canister was just a way of unlocking it.
A story will be coming later explaining her TRUE origin.
Absolute strength: Ultra Girl possess a limitless level of strength and can achieve any strength feat she puts her mind to. The only thing holding her back is her confidence in herself and abilities.
Absolute Invulnerability: Ultra Girl is impervious to any damage. Nothing can hurt her, penetrate her skin or break her bones. She’s also immune to sickness, diseases and anything that would do her body harm.
Supernatural Senses: All of Ultra Girl’s senses are supernaturally acute. She also h
:icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 25 16
Diary of an Ultra Girl, Tuesday
Fell asleep on the couch again. I did some research late into the early hours in the morning, watching superhero movies so I could act a little more super and a little less like last night. I doubt at my size my bed can even handle my weight. The couch is already groaning and creaking like it’s going to give at any moment and I reckon my poor little bed would just snap right through. I’m going to need bigger and sturdier furniture but that’s going to come later.
Rang into work and told them I wasn’t going to make it in today. I  Still don’t know what I’m going to tell them in the long run but that cute guy Jack answered and I got all flustered again. Jack’s got such a cute butt and that dorky Peter Parker look that just makes me want to eat him all up…I wonder what he’d think of my new body? I couldn’t really tell him what happened, could I? Then again at this size, it’s not like I’m going to able to h
:icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 27 5
Diary of an Ultra Girl, Monday Night
Hey there, It’s me again. I must have crashed out on the couch after typing everything up sometime around mid-afternoon because when I woke up it was dark. For a moment, I thought everything might have been some crazy burrito induced dream but as my gaze fell and my chin pushed against my pecs, I knew it was all real. It took me a while to get off the couch. I kind of basked in my bigness for a few moments and watched my massive chest rise and fall with each breath.
Whoever made this couch certainly did their job. Somehow it was still holding my weight though I pretty much took over the entire thing and still couldn’t fit all my body on there. I took out my phone, checked the comments and sent replies back, thanking people here and there. Seemed like I had a lot of views on my first day and that felt pretty great. After that, I put the phone down and sat back on the couch again. What the hell am I going to do now? I flexed my bicep as I thought, watching it swe
:icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 26 3
My logo by Theultragirl My logo :icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 8 0
Diary of an Ultra Girl
This morning, just after ten, my life changed forever.
I was just in the middle of what I can only describe was some kind of peanut butter burrito, yeah, I’m gross, when I heard it. I only just heard it and if the sound was any louder on my television this morning probably would have been a lot different. I’d probably still be sitting at the foot of my bed, swearing at the guy on the screen because he fell that fucking hole again. However, that was not the case and I did hear the noise, a loud THUD outside in the small square patch that was supposed to be a garden but “barely had enough room to swing a cat in” as my Dad always used to tell me. Swing a cat? Why the hell would you swing a cat!
When I got to the garden I was greeted by this smell that I can only describe as a pungent comic book store. You know the kind of smell. Several greasy fat guys all in one badly air conditioned room and none of them has had a shower in the past century. I know
:icontheultragirl:Theultragirl 59 17


New Swim Coach and...somethin' about Title IX by isle8e2
Mature content
New Swim Coach and...somethin' about Title IX :iconisle8e2:isle8e2 167 38
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Zoey battle mode :iconoutlawmonkey:OutlawMonkey 43 13
adoptable No.3 by gao-lukchup adoptable No.3 :icongao-lukchup:gao-lukchup 270 13 power ranger movie 2017 by luigisjuy power ranger movie 2017 :iconluigisjuy:luigisjuy 79 8 COMM - TheUltraGirl (2) by TheCottonCandyQueen COMM - TheUltraGirl (2) :iconthecottoncandyqueen:TheCottonCandyQueen 62 6 Hammy's Curls by OutlawMonkey
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Hammy's Curls :iconoutlawmonkey:OutlawMonkey 55 3
COMM - TheUltraGirl by TheCottonCandyQueen COMM - TheUltraGirl :iconthecottoncandyqueen:TheCottonCandyQueen 88 8



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I’d been asleep for what seemed like an eternity though in truth it was only a matter of hours. The dreams were vivid, terrifying and with every attempt to escape from this nightmarish dreamscape I was only pulled deeper. Something wasn’t right and in all that bombast and arrogance I’d overlooked it. “To the girl from beyond the stars.” They were targeting me, they knew who I was, what I was and they were directly targeting me.

I was finally awoken from my sleep by my mobile phone ringing in the distance. Back before the whole train scenario, I’d changed it to the Superman theme and now it was blaring out from somewhere among the mess of my torn costume. I couldn’t remember how I got home that night but the telltale sign of an Ultragirl sized hole in the wall pretty much told the whole story. There was also burrito wrappers, cans of Dr. Pepper and all kinds of trash leading from the hole right up to the couch which I’d pretty much just flattened when I’d collapsed on it the night before.

Fishing through it all I finally found my phone and then attempted to lift it to my ear. There was no way that was going to work, my bicep ballooned just with the slight movement and I had to kind of toss the phone sandwiching it between the deltoid and my meaty neck.

“That wasn’t very wise.” The voice said. I recognized it as the smoking man from just a few days before. There was a slight crunch as the muscles tightened in my neck and for a moment I’d thought I’d crushed it. “You are pulling too much attention to yourself.”

“I couldn’t just sit back and let that happen,” I said, hand balling into a fist. “The fuck was that anyway?”

The smoking man was silent for a moment, I could almost hear the cogs turning in his brain working out the best approach to the situation. “Legion. They call themselves Legion and they have set their sights on you.”

“Why the hell...”

“Because of your power, because of what you are. You are the biggest threat to their plans and that whole thing on the train? Well, that was them sizing you up. Look, kid, you are going to have to be smart from here on out. I’ve sent you a package and it’s going to help you to blend in a little easier, boffins at the agency were pulling an all nighter to get this done. Take my advice, kid, go back to whoever you were before this all happened. The world doesn’t need Ultra girl.”

“No,” I said as my huge arms tensed, veins throbbing furiously over the bulging limbs. “That’s where you are wrong. If this Legion is out there and they are doing whatever the hell they are doing then the world is going to need someone like me. The world needs Ultra Girl to stand up to whatever mystic bullshit is going on!”

“You’re not in a comic book, kid!”

I snapped. “Stop calling me kid! Look I’m new to this shit, yeah I get it but I just can’t let something like this happen. Maybe it was stupid and maybe I should have been smarter or whatever the fuck but you know what? I’d rather be a dumb hero than a smart coward and let those people get hurt! Didn’t you ever watch Spider-man, with great power, comes great responsibility, you gigantic jackass!”

There was silence for a moment and then the smoking man spoke again “This isn’t some marvel movie.”

“Yeah, I know. There’s no Stan Lee cameo and we don’t have anywhere near the same budget!”

With that, I hung up the phone and slammed a fist straight through my living room wall. Deep down I didn’t want any of this, to be caught in a cliché battle against darkness, to have super powers and to not fit into my favorite pair of jeans and part of me did want to go back to how everything was before. I’d seen this before time and time again in movies, comic books, and video games, hero rejects the call.

I knew however that this was how it had to be. I was the girl from beyond the stars found in a chunk of space rock and no matter how much I ran from it, I was Ultra Girl. I couldn’t reject the call, I couldn’t go back to how everything was. The universe in all its infinite wisdom had chosen to make me this guardian of the world or whatever the hell I was meant to be and I had to accept it, no let's go one step further, I had to embrace it.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang and I quickly whipped an entire bed sheet over my body and waddled towards the door. Still getting used to the size of my massive legs, the constant rubbing of muscles together and honestly, flying beats walking one hundred percent. I opened the door just a crack and peered through, my immense form still hidden under the sheet.

“Uh, are you…?”

“Yeah that’s me,” I said taking the package from the delivery guy. I was pretty sure I looked like a bulbous Pacman ghost at that moment but I really didn’t care.

They guy left quickly after I signed though he did keep looking over at his shoulder as though trying to comprehend what he’d just seen.

When I closed the door I ripped open the package instantly. Inside was what looked like a tin for a sports watch along with a note that simply read. “Hide in plain sight.” Carefully I opened the tin and took out it’s contents, it looked like an ordinary watch though the strap was obviously custom made to fit my thick wrist.

“Huh” I looked over the thing for a moment. Nothing really out of the ordinary about it all, like the kind of sports watches you wear at the gym with all kind of displays and knobs that nobody ever really uses. As I slipped it on the strap suddenly tightened and I felt a strange wave of energy course through me. At first, it was kind of uncomfortable, like when you sit in one position for too long and get cramp but then it started to spread across me and I noticed that my body was starting to change.

My arms were shrinking back to the noodles they were before and my chest was no longer pushing against my chin like it was before. My entire body was going back to factory default and it felt so strange that I tumbled forward and accidentally hit one of the buttons on the side.

“Greetings Ultra Girl!” A voice chirped out from the back of the watch. “Welcome to your incognito device. This device has been designed to alter your physiology for a time allowing you to interact with the rest of the world without bringing attention to your ...ehm...bulk. Please be aware due to the overwhelming nature of your body the device can only function for a maximum of four hours at a time and will then need to be charged for a further twelve before being used again. Also, your powers will remain unaffected for this time though uses of your extreme strength may cause the device to malfunction and your body to revert back to its normal state. Simply press the first button to activate the device and the second button to deactivate. A normal USB charger has been supplied for charging purposes.”

I blinked and then curiosity hit me and I reached out and hit the deactivation button with my finger. The transformation was pretty much instant, it was like an eruption of muscle all across my body as I suddenly exploded outward into the mountain of meat I was before. Moments later I start hitting the buttons over and over again, smirking as my muscles shrink down and then bulged outwards again.

“Please do not mess about with the buttons.” The voice chirped again. “You might damage the device or cause a malfunction which may lead to unexpected results. You will also cause the device to prematurely lose charge.”

“Party pooper,” I said and then hit activate, slinking back down to my previous sleek form. “Well, I guess I better go to work and explain where I’ve been all this time. Yeah, that’s going to be fun.”

“Might I advise you take public transport instead of walking?” The watch chimed.

“Yeah, good idea talking watch! Oh and tell me where the nearest burrito joint is on the way!”

“Of course. Scanning for burrito joints.”

“I fucking love you, talking watch.”
Yes it's finally here!

I fucking love you, talking watch!
Illness can't keep me down and I'm back! In fact there's a new story coming up like a freight train ready to blow the doors down on this absence. Sorry I haven't been around but I've been really depressed and tired for so long that I couldn't focus on anything. Now I've got my strength back and my enthusiasm it's time to get back to work!
So the new Doctor is a woman! Exciting news :) Also thanks to everyone that's helped me out so far. I'm almost there! It really means the world to me that you'd help me out. Thanks so much.
Thanks to everyone that has helped me so far. It means the world to me that you would help me out. Unfortunately I still don't have enough for my fees but I'm trying my best to raise the money. :(
Illness can't keep me down and I'm back! In fact there's a new story coming up like a freight train ready to blow the doors down on this absence. Sorry I haven't been around but I've been really depressed and tired for so long that I couldn't focus on anything. Now I've got my strength back and my enthusiasm it's time to get back to work!


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Ultra Girl
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Real life super muscular, superheroine! Read about my journey here right on this page and you can also chat to me and stuff! Groovy right? :D


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In case you like to see what idea I could do on drawing your gal heres a other super hero pic.

Paula Pecs Every Day Task.
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I would LOVE that. love your artwork :D
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A belated welcome to DA! I loved reading up and your diary format is really really nice. The story so far is very immersive and I like the slow pace and events unfolding that keep me eager to read more.

I hope to see a lot more of ultra girl. Of you. How the story unfolds, but also curious about the little things like, when you will meet your family again and how they respond, and that guy Jack! (approve of the name haha) and if we will see him again). Ok I'm going on a rant here haha... Again.. Welcome to DA, and Ultragirl,welcome to the universe!

If you ever feel like meeting some of my muscular girls, to drop by. Their not as big or as strong as you, but they still hold their own and are good company! ^_-

Well take care!
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